Jonas Lundgren is one of Swedens best chefs. When he competed in Bocuse D’or in Lyon in 2009 he came in second place. The contest got it’s name from the frenchman Paul Bocuse. The competing chefs get 5 hours and 35 minutes to prepare one meat and one fishdish for 14 people. To recieve a silver medal in such a prestigious contest shows what an amazing chef Jonas Lundgren actually is.

He has worked at several high class restaurants across the world, such as The Fresh Laundry (***) in Napa Valley California and Pierre Gagnaire (***) in Paris.

Amongst several other chefs from Sweden Lundgren competed in a swedish television show called Kockarnas kamp (in english Chefs battle). It was the year of 2013 in the second season of the show that Jonas Lundgren competed with, among other, Melker Andersson, Ulrika Brydling and Johan Jureskog. The television show offer several small tasks to test the chefs precision, meticulousness and how fast they could work.

Between November 2011 and June 2014 Jonas Lundgren owned and worked at Jonas Restaurant, but after his co-owner sadly past away Jonas decided to close.